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How To Build A Realistic Business Plan

February 20, 2017 5:02 pm Published by

A business plan can be described as an outline or a written description of the goals and objectives that a business intends to achieve in the nearest future. It is also often referred to a document that describes what a business intends to achieve, how to achieve it and within what time frame to achieve it. However, every document, whether formal or informal that describes business goals and ways to achieve them is technically a business plan. It is no news that a large number of small and medium size businesses are established on a daily basis. Every business whether... View Article

Should Sales Be The Only Factor Used To Measure The ROI Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

February 9, 2017 12:21 pm Published by

Should sales be the only factor that is used to measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns? If this question is answered in the negative, what other factors should be considered as the best measure of success when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns? Influencer marketing campaigns are ways by which business owners achieve their marketing goals through alternative means. Influencer marketing campaigns basically involve the use of some experienced group of individuals to pass positive words about your brand to the targeted audience. Rather than adopting campaigns that will help a webmaster directly reach his target audience quickly, influencer... View Article