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Importance Of Positive Reviews And Ratings To An e-commerce Store

September 15, 2017 7:30 pm Published by

Hundreds of e-commerce stores are being created daily. The latest trend for most offline businesses now is to create an e-commerce store to keep up with the current trend. New technologies are being developed to help business owners showcase and market their products and services with more ease. Customers are now more comfortable shopping online, rather than going through the hassles of shopping directly from the supermarket. Since the number of e-commerce stores is increasing rapidly, the need for advancement, proper management and the success of e-commerce websites become extremely important.

While managing an e-commerce store, a business owner’s most important tool is the review of his customers. Positive reviews go a long way in determining whether a potential customer will go ahead to do business with a particular merchant or not. It is believed that when business is good, a customer will tell one person about it, but when it is bad, such customer will tell many others. The importance of a large number of positive, quality reviews cannot be overemphasized, as many customers use reviews as their only source of information when choosing which brand to do business with.

The reviews of customers are very important to the growth and success of e-commerce stores. However, the question remains: How can you build a large number of qualitative and positive review for your e-commerce website? Here a few tips that will help online merchants to create and sustain quality reviews. The most common method utilized by online merchants to obtain positive reviews is by giving room for customers to submit organic reviews and ratings. These kinds of reviews include those collected directly from customers by online business owners. Reviews can be collected using tools like eKomi, Trustpilot, Feefo, Yotpo, Bazaarvoice, just to name a few.

Other ways may include using rewardable requests like coupons and sweepstakes, and also requesting customers to be testers for a brand’s products or services. Creating post-checkout surveys, requesting ratings and reviews on social media platforms and through homepage banners are also not excluded. However, it is believed that post-interaction email also known as post-purchase email is the most effective way to obtain positive organic reviews from customers.  This tool is used after a customer has successfully purchased a product from the merchant’s e-commerce store. Most merchant usually sends out an appreciation email and sometimes request for the customer’s feedback on the product he/she purchased.

The feedback collected from engaged customers are usually posted on the website. This method of obtaining feedback and reviews is said to be the most effective and most trusted by online merchants. The quality and sincerity of reviews obtained through this medium are unquestionable. Apart from organic reviews, online merchants can also obtain syndicated reviews. These are reviews not obtained directly from customers but from other third parties and websites. Such reviews about a particular brand are usually posted on the sites that deal with similar brands. As already stated above, positive reviews will go a long way in contributing to the growth and success of an e-commerce store.

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