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Importance Of Artificial Intelligence To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

October 15, 2017 7:39 pm Published by

Artificial intelligence popularly referred to as AI is a term that is usually associated with the use of machines to imitate the function of the human mind. These functions may include voice recognition, problem-solving, planning, learning, reasoning, perception and much more. It can also be described as a field of computer science that focuses on the creation and use of machines that mimic the function of the human mind.

Artificial intelligence has grown to be an important part of the tech industry in recent years. It is been used in areas likeĀ  Google search, car navigation, and live TV services, just to name a few. The technology is now being used in the digital marketing industry. According to the prediction of tech experts, AI will be utilized for everyday activity by 2020 and the level at which it is currently being used will be doubled in 2018.

It is believed that AI will play an important in the future of digital marketing, sales, and customer service. Artificial intelligence will help marketers to effectively reach their target audience with more ease amidst the constantly changing media usage of consumers, ad blockers, and poor ad performance. The technology could help online business owners to make more connections with their clients and target audience at a budget friendly cost.

Artificial Intelligence could be used by online business owners to create and curate contents that are relevant to the target audience. Chatbots, which are artificial intelligence programs that are used by marketers to interact with customers could also help to respond to questions just like humans would. It is used to provide services that are similar to that of customer service representatives. Although the program may have some shortcomings, it is believed to be efficient because they work as they have been programmed, they do not lose their temper or even take breaks.

AI can also be used for tagging images and videos. It is reported that the program automatically tags the images and videos of an online business owner. It also allows the content to understand itself and change data into insights for content tactics and strategy. The program can help marketers to achieve their objectives in terms of improving customer service, personalization, and a more efficient predictive modeling. Marketers can also use artificial intelligence to drive more sales at a lower cost, boost lead generation, and create better engagement with both customers and potential customers.

It is reported that paid social media managers can use artificial intelligence to boost the success and ROI of several digital marketing campaigns. Customer experience can also be improved when a user decision hub automates recommendations. Ai can be used in natural language processing to determines the intention and mood from user voice calls and emails.

It is also believed by experts that AI can serve as an intelligent virtual assistant, which can in turn help chatbots to work better. The program can also serve as a self-service advisor that can scan and track the browsing history of users and provide several options. Finally, applications that are powered by artificial intelligence can provide retailers with valuable information on their mobile devices on how to improve in-store customer experience.

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