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Page Rank: An Important Factor For Enhancing Lead Generation

January 20, 2017 4:56 pm Published by

Page rank is mostly referred to by many people as Google Page Rank, but this term may also be used when referring to the ranking of certain keywords on search engines. It is also known as the numeric value that indicates the importance of a page on the internet. However, the term “Page Rank” is Google’s trademark and has also been patented by Stanford University. Google uses its page rank algorithm to decide the importance of pages on the internet. Although there are many other factors that Google take into consideration when determining the rank or importance of a website,... View Article

The Impact Of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing On Digital Marketing Strategies.

January 9, 2017 12:36 pm Published by

At the fall of last year, Google announced that it is moving toward Mobile-First Indexing. Indexing is a procedure through which Google gathers information and data about every web page on the internet. Google’s system then stores these data in its catalog, which is used to determine the outcomes of a search made on google’s engine worldwide. Before the announcement last year, Google is known to utilize desktop web pages as its main source. Although it also includes mobile pages in its index, desktop web pages were accorded more priority. However, the tech company has now moved from prioritizing desktop... View Article